Caring Canines Application Process

Please note that we are not accepting new applications at the moment due to reductions in visits while COVID-19 is still a concern.

Step One: Fill out and submit the online questionnaire below.

Step Two: You will be contacted via email by our Program Coordinator. The email will provide information about scheduling a time to accompany us, without your dog, on a group visit. This observation visit serves as an orientation to our program and offers a preview of what a typical visit might be like for you and your dog. There is often an opportunity to watch a therapy dog evaluation after the visit. This may help you get a good sense of whether your dog has the temperament and skills needed for work as a therapy dog.

Step Three: After your observation visit, we will offer available appointment times when you may bring your dog for evaluation and certification. You will be given our Canine Health Assessment form, to be completed by your vet, and a registration application to bring with you to the evaluation. The fee to register your dog is $30.

Please note that Caring Canines Visiting Therapy Dogs, Inc. is located in Massachusetts and serves the greater Boston area. We have no chapters or affiliations in any part of the country or in the parts of the world.