Caring Canines Visiting Therapy Dogs, Inc.

A Tribute to Beloved Molly

In 2002, Molly and her owner, Bonnie, joined Caring Canines, breezing their way through our very thorough therapy dog certification process.  We count on each handler to work as a team with their dog, playing an actively supportive role by making sure the dog is comfortable in all visiting situations and helping to position the dog for optimal patting.  What became immediately obvious was that Molly needed no support or guidance whatsoever. 

She instinctively responded to her natural mission in life, which was to
make sure each and every person understood how beloved they were to her.

Molly's obvious pleasure in being with people instantly drew 
them out, and she'd move closer to communicate just how special they were. 

Bonnie's role was relegated to answering questions 
about Molly, booking her visits and being her chauffeur. 


Most dogs are quite ready to leave by the end of a group visit.  The room often gets very warm, and with so many people present and the other dogs visiting around them, there is lots of sensory input and stimulation.  The dogs are eager for a break and some fresh air. Molly, though, was usually so absorbed in distributing endless doses of unconditional love that she often had to be coaxed to leave.  She always acted like she'd prefer to stay all day!

Quintessential Molly

Molly was in the process of recuperating from leg surgery when she was diagnosed with cancer in July 2006. The disease had progressed too far to treat successfully, and Molly died peacefully at her home on July 26th. The many Caring Canines volunteers who had the pleasure to know Molly will remember her as our "poster dog" and for the excellence with which she did her job. We thank both Molly and Bonnie for their profound commitment to serving others and for the ease with which they spread "doggie magic" everywhere they visited.